Decentralized Pan-Entertainment digital content distribution platform
"Entertainment Planet" was a new decentralized pan-entertainment ecosystem. Digital products in an ecosystem can be sold as liquid assets using an untrusted (i.e., completely safe) smart contract based on block chain technology. Pan-Entertainment digital contents includes: games, novels, short videos, animations, contents, etc.

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About DDM
Industry status and problems
In 2017, the revenue of the global digital entertainment content industry exceeded USD 2020 billion, and it is estimated the figure shall be more than USD2120 billion in 2018.
In recent years, China's digital content has grown rapidly, the market size have achieved USD 458.48 billion in 2016.
DDM Solutions
DDM advantage
DDM platform introduction
  • DDM. Empire block chain game platform Block chain technology can be used to create a completely transparent, free and equal digital entertainment contents platform for global users.
  • DDM virtual currency trading platform The platform provides services for the digital users and participants, and builds a win-win relationship with global trading platforms
  • DDM Wallet The platform creates the global user intelligent digital asset wallet, realizes the digital asset management, provide the support for the transaction service.
  • DDM digital content platform Pan-Entertainment digital contents includes games, novels, short videos, animations, contents, etc., can be released freely on the platform and will become the largest content publishing platform in the world.
Team Member
  • Chairman of the Foundation James Full Graduate From Monash University,
    the Key contact person for Global Social Impact Investment Steering Group
  • Technical architect Victor Cai Co-founder of US listed Rambus, graduated from Electronic Engineering, University of South California, an expert in high performance chip storage technology
Advisor team
Chairman of the Advisory Group
  • Yang Ning Renowned angel investor, founder of LeBox Capital, Kongzhong.com, Chinaren and Uppicture Feng Wenjie General manager of Yiqiao Ltd., the first listed block chain company, and founder of Digital Red Game platform and Halcyongame Cui Xiaobo the Founder and The CEO of TalkingData. Graduated from Nankai University Once served as the BEA Asia Pacific Telecommunications Technology Center Director and A&C technical director of Oracle China. Zhang Yan Honorary Adviser of Xi'an film studio A certificate given by the Phoenix fund founder and general manager, Taiyue Indus game industry fund Tai Yue Indus education industry fund founder Shidazhan Thirteen years of Internet veterans,Senior expert in digital publishing,Former VPof Gamewave Group,Business Manager of 360game,the Founder of DazhanGame. Li Guolong Former VP of Changyou,the Founder Zhichan Technology
    Senior expert in digital copyright trading, copyright operation, copyright rights protection, game industry Policy expert, intellectual property legal expert in the field of digital publishing
    Lin Zheng Hao Founder and CEO of Tianyue Oriental , producer。
    Representative work:《青春期》、《青春荷爾蒙》、《躁動時代》、《我的早更女友》、《在世界中心呼喚愛》、《莽荒紀》、《太古神王》、《奧特曼》、《我的機器人女友》
Advisors on block chain and Investors
  • Shuai Chu Founder of Qtum, the largest block chain public chain ecosystem except BitCoin and ETH Du Jun Founder of Golden Finance and Huobi.com



The document is only intended for communication of information, and the contents are for reference only, not constituting any recommendation, solicitation or offer of DDM and/or its related companies for investment and/or sales/purchase of stocks or securities. Any such offer must be made with the confidential memorandum, complying with the relevant laws on securities and other laws. Nothing in the document shall be construed as forcing anyone to participate in exchange. Any act related to the White Paper shall not be deemed as participation in the exchange, including but not limited to asking for the copy of the White Paper or sharing it with others. Participating in exchange shall mean the participant has reached the required age, and has the full civil capacity, and the contract signed with DDM is true and valid. All the participants signed the contract voluntarily, and have obtained the clear and necessary understanding of DDM before execution of the contract. The DDM team shall continuously make reasonable attempts, to ensure the information of the document is true and accurate. The Platform may undergo updating during development, including but not limited to the platform mechanism, the token and its mechanism, distribution of the tokens, etc. Part of the contents may be adjusted in the new version of the White Paper, with the progress of the project, and the team shall publish the updated contents via the notice or new version of the White Paper on the website, etc. The participant should timely obtain the latest version of the White Paper timely, and timely adjust the decision based on the updated contents. DDM hereby clearly declares it shall not be held liable for any loss of the participant caused from his/her: (i) Relying on the content of the document herein; (ii) Any incorrect information herein; and (iii) Any act caused from the document herein. The team will use all efforts to achieve the target set forth in the document, however, due to any force majeure event, the team may not fully meet the commitments.

DDM is the important tool for playing the function of the platform, and it is not an investment product. Holding DDM does not represent granting the owner with the ownership, or right for control or decision making of the DDM platform. As a digital encrypted current, DDM does not fall under any of the following categories: (a) Any kind of currencies; (b) Securities; (c) Equity of legal entity; or (d) Stock, bond, bill, stock warrant, certificate or any document granting any right.

The appreciation of DDM is subject to the market law and the demand after launch of the application, and it may also have no value, so in no means shall the team make any commitment for its appreciation, nor be liable for any consequence caused from its depreciation. To the highest extent permitted by law, the team shall not be held liable for any damage or risk caused from exchange, including but not limited to direct or indirect personal damage, loss of business profit, loss of business information or any other economic loss. DDM Platform shall comply with any regulatory provision, self disciplinary statement of the industry, etc., helpful for the sound development of the exchange industry. The participant participating in the project shall mean he/she fully accepts and complies with such examination. The participant must provide the complete and accurate information for completing such examination. DDM Platform has clearly informed the participants with the possible risks, and his/her participating in the exchange shall mean he/she has acknowledged understanding and accepting the explanations in the detailed rules and the potential risks, and shall be responsible for all the consequences by him/herself.